Are Markets Aware Of This Positive Earnings Season?

May 4, 201815 minutes

Focusing on fundamentals, not short-term noise

The Tug o' War Between Earnings and Bond Yields

Apr 27, 201810 minutes

Positive earnings results, higher bond yields, & enhanced volatility

In Defense of Market Bulls

Apr 20, 201813 minutes

The week in the markets and an apologetic for current market bulls.

Market Volatility and YOU

Apr 14, 201816 minutes

Investor Behavior and Market Volatility

The Week that Wasn't Sure of Itself

Apr 8, 201813 minutes

David Bahnsen covers a wild markets week.

Recapping Q1 2018 & March's Market Movers

Mar 29, 20189 minutes

David Bahnsen Covers the market movers of Q1 2018

The Surprises of 2018

Mar 22, 201817 minutes

David L. Bahnsen covers the investing surprises of 2018

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