One T Giveth, and the Other T Taketh Away

Jun 29, 201815 minutes

Markets continue to respond to trade actions and rhetoric

The War Between Tax Reform and Tariffs

Jun 22, 201815 minutes

Strong economic news, apart from this unforced trade war error

The Fed, North Korea, and Stuff the Market Cares About

Jun 15, 201813 minutes

Our take on why and on what markets do care about

The Thing Causing Tension For Investors

Jun 8, 201812 minutes

Forces pulling the market right now are neither bullish nor bearish; rather, they are both

Italy, The EU, and U.S. Markets

Jun 1, 201818 minutes

A Look At Political and Economic Problems in Italy

More Financial Food For Thought

May 25, 201817 minutes

A bit of Econ 101, a bit of politics, and a bit of energy

The New Normal Looks Like The Old Normal

May 18, 201815 minutes

The stock market has been directionless over a month, but quite volatile in between

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