When Just One Topic Won't Do

Episode 812: When Just One Topic Won't Do

I have had one idea, inspiration, or fodder after another for this Dividend Cafe all week resulting in all of the above

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It's been a weird week to pick a topic for the Dividend Cafe.  I have about six topics mapped out for future Dividend Cafes, yet none of them grabbed me to do this week.  I took an Acela to DC from New York on Wednesday late afternoon and felt pretty inspired about one topic, and then felt inspired about another as I took the train back to NYC 24 hours later.  I did a panel with David Malpass, recent president of the World Bank and Treasury Department Deputy Secretary for three Presidents, at the Library of Congress yesterday, and when I came off that stage, I had a whole new inspiration for today's Dividend Cafe.  I did a podcast with John Mauldin earlier in the week that put many ideas on the table (as all my talks with John always do).  We had a State of the Union address last night and experienced "Super Tuesday" just a few days ago.  The White House announced plans for credit card fee restrictions this week.  And the Fed announced a reversal of plans for onerous new "Basel 3" capital requirements on banks.

Do you see what I am saying?  I have had one idea, inspiration, or fodder after another for this Dividend Cafe all week, and when it comes time to put pen to paper, the only choice I have is to do …. All of the Above!

Jump on into the Dividend Cafe.  We have a lot to talk about!

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