The Most Political Dividend Cafe Ever

Episode 185: The Most Political Dividend Cafe Ever

Just in case you were under a rock for the last week...

Show notes

Topics discussed: With the trade war still front and center in the global economy, earning season three weeks away, and continued questions about the Fed’s plans floating around, why did all market conversations seem to slip into the background this week? Oh yes, the perpetual reality show that is Washington D.C. took over the news this week, and it has led to maybe the most political Dividend Café of recent memory. Now fear not, there is ample coverage of U.S. economic health, monetary policy, and the investment issues near and dear to your heart, but some extensive political-economic commentary is warranted this week. So jump on into the Dividend Café, and we’ll do our best to offend no one, or everyone.

  1. Mandatory Fed Discussion
  2. An economic reality check
  3. Summary of the economic outlook
  4. Are households vulnerable to equity prices?
  5. Small-cap warning
  6. Big word jargon to describe Fed failures

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

David is the Founder, Managing Partner, and the Chief Investment Officer of The Bahnsen Group.

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