The FED did What??

Episode 183: The FED did What??

Powell Presents, Trump Tweets

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Topics discussed: Some weeks are filled with little news but lots of market volatility, and then there are weeks like this one, where there actually was very little market volatility, but a lot of news. In this week's Dividend Cafe, we dive into what will be some of the biggest news events of the year, and question why there wasn't a bigger market impact from it all. Investors wanting to understand better what the Fed did this week, what they didn't do, why they did it, and what it means to them, will be well-served to jump into the Dividend Cafe!

We won't just leave you with a little Fed discussion and some thoughts on Oil and the Saudi attack ... The dollar, the trade war, negative yields, and even fracking get a little attention as well. This is a "do not miss" visit to the Dividend Cafe.

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

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