The Dividend Cafe Thursday - May 16, 2024

Episode 860: The Dividend Cafe Thursday - May 16, 2024

Market Update and Economic Indicators: A Snapshot

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Market Update and Economic Indicators: A Snapshot

In this episode of Dividend Cafe, recorded on Thursday, May 16th, the host provides a summary of the day's market activity, noting a flat day in the markets with a brief touch on 40,000 points on the Dow. Despite a mild decline by the close, bond yields rose slightly, and recent economic indicators including the CPI data, Philly fed and empire state manufacturing indexes, and industrial production, suggest a steady, if not expanding, economy. Brian also points out the positive jobless claims data and the rebound in new home constructions as signs of economic health. Additionally, an increase in real personal income and a 35% rise in the S&P 500 since the pre-pandemic period are highlighted as indicators that do not point towards an immediate recession. The episode concludes with a look forward to the next Dividend Cafe installment and wishes for a good weekend.

00:02 Market Overview: A Flat Yet Positive Day 00:38 Manufacturing and Economic Indicators: Holding Steady 01:05 Employment and Income: Signs of Economic Health 02:25 Housing Market and Inflation: A Positive Outlook 03:05 Closing Thoughts and Look Ahead

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Brian Szytel

Brian Szytel

Brian Szytel is the Deputy Managing Partner and Co-CIO of The Bahnsen Group.

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