The Dividend Cafe Monday - June 10, 2024

Episode 876: The Dividend Cafe Monday - June 10, 2024

Market Movements, Bond Volatility, and Geopolitical Events Overview

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We cover a wide range of market and economic updates. From today's market action, bond market volatility, sector performance, and the top heaviness of the S&P 500, to significant geopolitical events and public policy issues. Also discussed are the implications of the Texas Stock Exchange movement, the recent jobs report, and trends in air travel. The episode concludes with insights into the private versus public company landscape and listener questions. 00:00 Market Overview 01:32 Bond Market Insights 02:26 Sector Performance 03:02 Top Heaviness in the S&P 500 05:35 Geopolitical Events 06:42 Texas Stock Exchange Movement 08:13 Jobs Report 09:14 Air Travel Trends 10:07 Commercial Real Estate Loans 11:21 Federal Reserve's Policies 13:00 Upstream Energy Stock Performance 13:34 Laws of Pessimism 15:04 Decline in Publicly Listed Companies

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

David is the Founder, Managing Partner, and the Chief Investment Officer of The Bahnsen Group.

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