The Dividend Cafe Monday - April 22, 2024

Episode 842: The Dividend Cafe Monday - April 22, 2024

Welcome to the new and improved Dividend Cafe.

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Today's Post -

Welcome to the new and improved Dividend Cafe. What you see today will be a weekly Dividend Cafe each and every Monday from yours truly, complete with a podcast and video. It has come for years now on Monday, once under the umbrella of “COVID & Markets” and after that under “The DC Today.” We are simply incubating it under Dividend Cafe, so there is just one list, one website, and one brand behind it all. You will note on the home page of Dividend Cafe that we are running a daily market recap that will include closing data every day along with key economic indicators. Additionally, we will be running an Ask TBG on that home page, where questions will be answered every day. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, that market recap with the podcast and an Ask TBG will be emailed to subscribers., And then Friday, the same weekly Dividend Cafe article we have always done (see next paragraph) will go, per usual. So check out the new Dividend Cafe, all its bells and whistles, and share feedback with us any time!

The Friday Dividend Cafe looked at the subject of contrarian investing, the state of the dollar, and a few thoughts on oil and politics, and the comedy of bitcoin as a “flight to safety” this last Friday. The written version is here (my favorite), the video is here, and the podcast is here.

Into the second quarter of 2024, it may be a good time to review our outlook entering 2024 and major themes as we continue through the year.

Off we go …

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