The DC Today - Tuesday November 1, 2022

Episode 503: The DC Today - Tuesday November 1, 2022

Greetings from Grand Rapids, MI, where I am speaking at a summit on poverty tomorrow. Listen and watch here for the daily recap!

Show notes


Dow: -80 points (-0.24%) S&P: -0.41% Nasdaq: -0.89% 10-Year Treasury Yield: 4.04% (-3 basis points) Top-performing sector: Energy (+0.99%) Bottom-performing sector: Communication Services (-1.81%) WTI Crude Oil: $88.57/barrel (+2.36%) Key Economic Points of the Day:

ISM Manufacturing fell to 50.2, just barely in expansion mode, and the weakest figure since May 2020. New Orders and Backlogs reflected contraction, and only 8 of 18 sectors saw growth on the month. But … Job Openings went HIGHER in September, coming in at 10.7 million (almost a million higher than the 9.8 million expected)

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David Bahnsen

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