The DC Today - Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Episode 572: The DC Today - Tuesday, March 7, 2023

A market drop today, and I have all the info here.

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Key Economic Point of the Day:

Futures market completely flip-flopped – went to a 70% chance of a half-point hike at the next meeting, with a 30% chance of a quarter-point hike (had been 30% and 70% just yesterday)

ASK DAVID “What do your most recent observations in the city tell you about the state of the New York City office market?”

~ Anthony

The fact of the matter is, anyone walking around the 40’s or 50’s (streets) on Tuesday through Thursday can tell offices are not merely 50% occupied in midtown – it is closer to 85% on those days. Where the vacancies lie are in bad and antiquated “old” products. The better quality class B and certainly class A office product is full 3-4 days a week, and tenants are renewing leases. A 10% vacancy rate that has gone to 20% inclusive of ALL NYC office products is really not that bad considering everything that has transpired. If you asked any office landlord 30 months ago if they would be content with the scenario they face now by February 2023, they would have killed for it. The leverage landlords are carrying is case by case, too, but if you all are asking whether or not foot traffic is back, New York City is utterly packed. There are moving parts, no doubt, and a new and class-A product is in the best position. But once again, the death of office, the death of going to work, and yes, the death of New York City, as painfully misdiagnosed.

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