The DC Today - Thursday, February 9, 2023

Episode 557: The DC Today - Thursday, February 9, 2023

Hold off on those Super Bowl chips and dip for the moment, and join me for an update on the happenings around markets today.

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The DC Today - Thursday, Feb 9 -

Ask Trevor “It doesn’t seem like stocks have a believable catalyst to go up from here, wouldn’t it be wise to sell stocks and buy a short term treasury for the guaranteed interest?”

I can sympathize with the premise here – if earnings face some headwinds, and rising rates compress multiples, you want to know what drives stock prices higher from here. The real answer is I don’t know and this is the right answer because it is unknowable. Now, we could craft a reasonable narrative of what could happen, and how things might play out, but we’d never speculate on a hypothesis like this.

For me, I like to approach portfolio construction by categorizing each dollar into one of two categories – money earmarked to be spent in the near future and money set aside to grow over the long run. With this framing in mind, a conversation about swapping stocks for treasuries is an apples-and-oranges discussion. Stocks will irritate you in the short run, and yet history has shown a reward for the patient long-term investor, we call this a risk premium.

Portfolio design made simple is all about matching the appropriate investment based on a well-defined time horizon. If you ever find yourself trying to invest long-term monies in short-term solutions or vice versa, you are participating in some version of market timing.

Based on my own experience, I know I can’t time the markets in a consistent or profitable manner. I also know I have never really met anyone who can. So, if it walks like market timing, talks like market timing, it’s probably market timing, and you can’t count me out.

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Trevor Cummings

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