The DC Today - Monday, September 25, 2023

Episode 707: The DC Today - Monday, September 25, 2023

Why have things turned so much in the market (or so it seems) when they previously were going so well? Here is the entire story – it. was. all. seven. companies. Seven.

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Status of the shutdown – Speaker McCarthy is trying to split enough of the far “right” (I hate that term applied here) to avoid a shutdown. He’s currently attempting to package several appropriations bills together and send them to the House for a vote. The votes appear to be questionable as to whether or not they will be there, and this does not avoid a shutdown. These bills, IF passed in the House, have no chance of passing in the Senate. There appear to be enough votes in the House against any form of continuing resolution whatsoever that keeping the government open past this weekend is highly unlikely.

How it could play out: Option 1: The House passes a bill this week, the Senate amends it (to put it mildly), the House then rejects that, the government shuts down, a deal happens to end that, and Speaker McCarthy ends up removed from his post; OR, Option 2: No bill is passed out of the House, the Senate passes a bill, a deal is cut between House moderates and Democrats, and a shutdown is averted (with McCarthy likely removed shortly thereafter) I think Speaker McCarthy has moves to help avert a shutdown or, more likely, end one after it has started (see above). In both cases, I think he greatly improves his chance of being removed as Speaker.

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