The DC Today - Monday, June 5, 2023

Episode 633: The DC Today - Monday, June 5, 2023

The market opened flat and moved lower from there, then just sort of zigged and zagged between down -100 and down -200.

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“With regards to the debt ceiling compromise, you point out that it suspends the debt ceiling entirely through the end of 2024. What I do not exactly understand is if the spending growth has been capped, then why would an increase in the debt ceiling be needed at all? ~ Mark

The part you’re missing is revenue. We can reasonably know what expenses will be now, and they will be reasonably limited. So yes, that should take the need for much borrowing above a given ceiling off the table. But revenue is a big variable, and especially in a deeper recession, it can drop well below the expenditure line, enhancing the need for deficit borrowing.

The variability of revenue is massive. Think of a 1% drop in the total GDP of the economy. Then think of an average drop of revenue as a % of GDP of 2-4% per recession.

So $24 trillion GDP goes to $23.75 trillion, and then the tax receipts go from 19% of 24tn to 16% of 23.75tn – essentially, lost revenues of roughly $750 billion. That could add 50-75% to the deficit and would be funded with debt issuance.

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