Long Term Capital Memories

Episode 711: Long Term Capital Memories

As far as the history of Wall Street, capital markets, and the investing universe goes, this was a page-one historical event.

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I hope (and assume) that long-time and regular readers of Dividend Café know that I am a sucker for history.  I think this is true of all history, going back thousands of years, covering many eras, geographies, nations, people, and events, but it is especially true of American history.  20th-century American history is not very old, but wow, is there ever a lot of material there.

What happened in 1906 or 1915 or 1933 that matters to us today is “history” now – but when it was happening, it was “future history.”  It was also well before I was born.  There are, though, events in my lifetime, even my adult lifetime, that represent future history, much like the events of the early 20th century I allude to above.  Knowing that I lived through these more recent events, that I have my own particular context to add, that they were both personal and all at once cultural – it all makes my interest in “modern events” of my adult lifetime that will be “future-historical” intense and profound.  If I write too often or too obsessively about such things, forgive me, but it isn’t going to stop.  I believe living through history being made is almost as fun as studying the history that was long ago made.  And all of it I count one of the great blessings of this life.

It deeply impacted my life and allows me to obnoxiously wax and wane nostalgically, but it also deeply impacts your portfolio, even today.  For much of the last 25 years you might argue this event had the most significant market impact, period.  I am not being hyperbolic.

And that event is the subject of this week’s Dividend Café.  Let’s jump into a little modern history and a 25th anniversary you will benefit from understanding.

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