How Heavy is this Shoe?

Episode 807: How Heavy is this Shoe?

Today’s message might find a little more focus from the readers when there really is this opportunity for quiet around the other obsessions of the moment.

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This last week appears to (as of Friday morning’s press time) not been a particularly active one in equity markets. The Fed had no big announcements. Bond yields barely budged. Earnings season is very close to complete, and companies doing reporting of results have become few and far between. We are in a market news cycle lull, which is the perfect time to talk about alternative investments. “Huh?,” you ask. “What does the news cycle have to do with alternative investments like private credit?”

All will be revealed. But in the meantime, I guess I should clarify that I never believe Dividend Cafe should be tied to a particular headline or market event. I may choose to do so here and there. But even then, those “ad hoc” news events become relevant to the Dividend Cafe only to the extent the lesson or message itself is a permanently relevant message. Some may be delivered in a more “timely” context than others, but what I want every week’s Dividend Cafe to be is something that can be read any time past, present, or future, and stand up. Day-to-day market reporting and analysis has its place (barely), but the Dividend Cafe is my baby for macro, evergreen truth and perspective. It will be the last thing I ever give up in this full-time endeavor, and by give up, I mean something rather morbid.

So I write in today’s Dividend Cafe about something unrelated to the news cycle, the headlines, and big market noise, not merely because it was a quiet week on the western front but because every week should be a topic divorced from noise and focused on substance. Noise is the enemy of investor success. Links mentioned in this episode:


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David Bahnsen

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