Horror in Israel, History, and Your Portfolio

Episode 721: Horror in Israel, History, and Your Portfolio

You will find today a history that informs us about the reality of investing in a fallen world, where sometimes unspeakable evil takes place.

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I am writing this week’s Dividend Cafe from my apartment in New York City, very early on Friday morning, hours before I will leave for an all-day symposium I have attended every year since 2009 (besides the COVID-cancelled years, of course). I mention this only because my philosophy of dealing with markets in the aftermath of exogenous shocks and particularly geopolitical events was heavily influenced by the historical realities taught to me at this very symposium over the years. I do not learn anything new in attending any more; I just immensely benefit from the reinforcement. But this week we have had an event so tragic, so reprehensible, so infuriating, and yet also one that requires me to reinforce myself (perhaps redundantly) the principles and best practices prudent investors must hold dear.

But I also brought up New York City, because it had a terrorist event of its own back shortly after I entered the business, one which also profoundly impacted me. I have talked a lot in the past about the history of it and lessons learned. The 9/11 moment is, all at once, one of the seminal moments in my younger adult life, the very first shocking moment in my investment career, and an event obviously connected directly to New York City.

(You know, come to think of it, I was right here in March of 2020 as well when the COVID matter was becoming an American reality, and wrote about all of that, then, too. There is just a deep association for memorable market moments in my life and career with New York City).

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