History and Opportunity

Episode 286: History and Opportunity

Show notes

In this week's Dividend Cafe we will look at:

The real lesson of 2020 so far, evidenced in Q1 being the 9th worst quarter in history, and Q2 being the 9th best quarter in history, and what behavioral lessons some investors may want to pick up from this. We do an extensive dive into what lies ahead for 2020, and our views on economic recovery, stimulus, a vaccine, volatility, and so much more.

What the jobs report yesterday did to encourage us, and what is still lacking - and will be for quite some time

Why Fed liquidity provisions may or may not matter to the real economy (i.e. jobs), but certainly matter to investors

The under-appreciated tensions coming to the surface with China after Bejing's passage of this Hong Kong security measure.

What history says about an investor's timeline and corresponding expectation

How foreign investors apparently feel about American markets right now

And all the economic data for the week to form that perfectly mixed picture of ambiguity.  Retail.  Consumption.  Jobs.  Capex.  Copper.  Checking account balances. We have it all.

And in Politics & Money ... the betting odds are blowing out for Joe Biden; what does that mean for investors, and what might the next three months of the stock market tell us about what to expect in November

Finally, in the Chart of the Week, some calendar history to take us home

Let's jump in to the Dividend Cafe!

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

David is the Founder, Managing Partner, and the Chief Investment Officer of The Bahnsen Group.

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