Dividend Cafe - Special Midweek Edition - Live from Washington D.C.

Episode 224: Dividend Cafe - Special Midweek Edition - Live from Washington D.C.

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I wrote an awful lot of stuff over the weekend for this special mid-week Dividend Cafe.  I wrote about the bizarre reality that with three days last week that the market was down nearly 1,000 points (Friday's was intra-day, but it did come back at the end of the day), the market was actually up 450 points last week.  I wrote about various peripheral economic and market realities that I thought useful in the fuller context of the current state of affairs.  And then Monday happened, and I have spent the 3 am - 6 am hours of Tuesday morning re-writing the entire thing.

I hesitate to even mention that as I type, the market futures are pointing to a 650+ point jump in the market (it had been a lot more).  First of all, that is just a small part of yesterday's collapse, and secondly, by the time I am done typing this paragraph, let alone by the time you are done reading it, the possibility of reversal or adjustment is extremely high.  These are the times in which we find ourselves.

You should have received my bulletin last night on the 11th worst market day in history that was Monday (and the worst day since the financial crisis).  I stand behind every word written yesterday afternoon and will be reiterating much of it in this Dividend Cafe.  But I really want to dive deeper into the oil saga playing out with Saudi and Russia, and I really want to unpack more of the economic ramifications of the present hysteria.  That is what this Dividend Cafe will be devoted to - a bit more meat on the bone, none of which is meant to take away from the fundamental behavioral lessons I am desperately trying to reaffirm in all communications right now.

So jump on into this special Dividend Cafe

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David Bahnsen

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