Covid and Markets - Thursday September 24

Episode 335: Covid and Markets - Thursday September 24

Show notes

The market had been pointing to a modestly positive opening all night and into the very early morning futures action, but around 5:30am turned south, again led by technology. The market opened down 250 points, and then went up 500 points (so up 250 on the day), and then bounced around throughout the day. It closed up just +50 points or so with all indexes about the same on the day in percentage terms. The timing of the downturn this morning came right as the weekly jobless numbers came, but truth be told there was nothing unsurprising at all in the jobs data, so I doubt that was related. More or less, I think the markets are zigging and zagging because that is what they do – and notoriously so this time of year. I do not expect anything different for the next couple of months. Lots and lots of COVID info today, and plenty on housing etc. — off we go!

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

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