Contagious Ignorance

Episode 375: Contagious Ignorance

The financial news of the week begs for us to address the subject of “contagion risk"

Show notes

The actual event that I am discussing may be totally foreign to you, despite the fact that it has dominated the financial news for five or six days. There is a good reason for this if, indeed, it is true for you. The event has proven to be a really weak “news” story in my mind (not for lack of trying), but even apart from the broader news hype, it has further proven to be a weak “financial news” story, and that really, really comes not for lack of trying. This news story begs for us to address the subject of “contagion risk.”

After listening to this episode, you will know much more.


David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

David is the Founder, Managing Partner, and the Chief Investment Officer of The Bahnsen Group.

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