A Tale of Two Decades

Episode 744: A Tale of Two Decades

This week’s topic is pretty darn important, though.  In fact, I believe it serves as the macro story of our moment.

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For the second time in the last couple of months, I am going to call an audible and not publish a Dividend Cafe on the artificial intelligence moment and its relevance for investors, despite having announced I was doing so the prior week. I have actually been assembling and digesting research on this topic for many months and am quite excited for the final product to appear in Dividend Cafe. But it is too important of a topic and an issue I have worked on now too much to publish prematurely. I was in New York City the first two days of this week, Dallas the next two days, and am in California now. Between a massive amount of meetings, events, portfolio activity, flights, and all the things, I was engulfed in a different topic this week instead of finishing my other piece.

This week’s topic is pretty darn important, though. In fact, I believe it serves as the macro story of our moment. It brings in some very important history and how to think about the past in the context of the future (not exactly an old or stale topic for those who remember last Friday), but it also allows us to understand what is going on right now in a broader and more extended sense. I think where interest rates go over the next ten years matters (also a fresh topic on our minds). Still, one could argue that everything going on right now has to do with the cycle we are in, had previously been in, and the question around where we ultimately go.

So let’s hang tight on artificial intelligence and investing a little longer because this week, we have to cover a tale of two decades. It will take you ten minutes to really appreciate ten years. Let’s jump into the Dividend Cafe …

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David Bahnsen

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