A Dividend Growth Mentality

Episode 658: A Dividend Growth Mentality

I plan to do a “dividend growth” focused Dividend Cafe once a quarter, and this seemed like a pretty good day to do it.

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I am writing this week’s Dividend Cafe from Reagan International Airport in Washington DC. I recorded the video and podcast from my hotel room last night. I am soon departing for Memphis, TN where I am speaking at a conference Friday and Saturday before returning to New York. I was in DC to speak to a very large group of college students at George Mason University on free market economics. I had taken the train in to DC yesterday from New York after my flight to DC on Wednesday got cancelled just minutes after speaking to a symposium in south Orange County on the ESG investing movement (you can guess what perspective I brought to the subject). I made it to that conference after having a flight from New York Monday sit on the tarmac for four hours waiting for fuel. So from New York to California back to New York to Washington DC to Memphis then back to New York again, all in six days. It’s been a week.

In the meantime, I scrapped plans for a Dividend Cafe on plans for the American supply chain and what those changes may mean for the American economy, and instead have elected to do a refresher on dividend growth. I plan to do a “dividend growth” focused Dividend Cafe once a quarter, and this seemed like a pretty good day to do it. Not to brag or anything, but I can write a Dividend Cafe about dividend growth quite intuitively (which I guess bragging about that would be like bragging about one’s speech and debate achievements in high school to the football team, which I will just anecdotally mention is not as cool a thing to do as it may sound).

Dividend growth is, after all, the very end to which we work.

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David Bahnsen

David Bahnsen

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