A Buffet of Information

Episode 756: A Buffet of Information

I simply had three “mini” topics I wanted to address instead of one “mega” topic.

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Today's Post - https://bahnsen.co/3t62eFN

I really do like the SOP for Dividend Cafe (that’s “standard operating procedure” for those of you who have time to say full words instead of acronyms that always require explanation anyways, hence adding triple the time to what could have just been said in long form to begin with). What I mean here is that I have for several years now selected a singular topic for each week’s Dividend Cafe and written a 2,000-3,000 word piece on that topic. There have been a few exceptions where we did a wide array of “Q&A” as our focus, and we will continue doing that once a quarter or so when we get an excessive build-up of “Ask Davids” that the DC Today cannot bear. But for the most part, the Dividend Cafe is, I think, better as a deeper dive week by week into a given topic on my mind and heart. I keep it investment and economy focused, of course, because if I went anywhere my mind and heart went, I would end up doing some Dividend Cafes about my favorite steakhouses in New York City, what is wrong with today’s Republican Party, or what in the world my daughter’s vernacular in our family group text chat means. But Dividend Cafe will stay in its lane, I promise. Focus, David, focus.

Anyways, today I am doing the buffet thing, but I didn’t write it throughout the week – I wrote it all at once. I simply had three “mini” topics I wanted to address instead of one “mega” topic. I hope it is cohesive and interesting, but if you hate it, at least you know next week, we will go back to the single-topic norm of the Dividend Cafe – our SOP.

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David Bahnsen

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