Inflation Rate Scare, or a Non-Corroborated Story?

Oct 5, 201810 minutes

O Canada, and other Stuff

What Is the Fed Worried About? Just About Everything.

Sep 28, 201814 minutes

The worrisome Fed fears are unwarranted

A World Traveling Investor

Sep 21, 201817 minutes

This week we look at the wisdom of global diversification, Japan, Politics & Money, Muni Bonds

One Decade Is Not Like The Rest

Sep 14, 201814 minutes

An Anniversary of Two of The Most Ghastly Events in American History

Actively Clarifying What Has Passively Become Silly

Sep 7, 201816 minutes

CIO David Bahnsen covers a variety of topics relevant to financial markets

There’s Never Been a Recession When Profits Were Growing

Aug 31, 201814 minutes

Is The Fed Cooking Up a Recipe for A Recession?

Central Bankers Unite, Politicians Face Fright

Aug 24, 201814 minutes

The Markets Don't Budge at Trump's Troubles

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