Earnings Season Provides Some Gifts

Apr 26, 201917 minutes

Dividend Growth Philosophy is Forever

Getting the Growth Story Right

Apr 18, 201915 minutes

Digging into the nitty gritty of the world economy

Earnings and Dividends Are All The Buzz

Apr 12, 201911 minutes

Mother's Milk of Investing Season

Q2 Picks Up Where Q1 Left Off

Apr 5, 201919 minutes

The markets are responding to a healthy economy

Colluding with The Yield Curve

Mar 29, 201915 minutes

Mueller Report is a Market Dud

Bearish Fears vs Fear of Missing Out

Mar 22, 201915 minutes

We do not have to pick between fear of decline and fear of missing out

Putting the Puzzle Pieces of the US Economy Together

Mar 15, 201922 minutes

How All the Things Connect: Evaluating this Economy Now

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